Sunday, May 12, 2013

Great Horn Spoon Vocabulary

scoundrel: a mean or wicked person
latitude: distance from North to South, invisible vertical lines
balance: to weigh against one another
patience: showing calm, self-control
hospitality: friendly treatment of visitors
dilemma: a difficult choice
elated: to fill with pride and joy
fisticuffs: a fight with fists
invincible: incapable of being defeated
petrified: to be paralyzed with fear, or amazement

Spelling Words:
San Francisco
Lady Wilma

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spelling and Vocab lists


Here is a link to the spelling and vocabulary lists.

We are on theme 6, the story this week is Salmon Summer. Next week we will be working on STAR test prep and will not have a story. We will finish this theme after testing.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

MUTA Spelling

We are working on our MUTA this week!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Parents, it was called to my attention that the link is not working for the spelling lists. I am not sure why and also have not figured out how to change that link :) Here is the list for this week.

Lou Gehrig Spelling List

1. pilot

2. depend

3. visit

4. human

5. seven

6. chosen

7. paper

8. reason

9. become

10. parent

11. never

12. modern

13. tiny

14. tuna

15. event

16. fever

17. moment

18. prison

19. basic

20. open


1. alert

2. license

3. select

4. radar

5. feature

1. redo

2. unsure

3. useless

4. kindness

5. easier

6. copied

7. crazier

8. seven

9. become

10. fever

11. dislike

12. movement

13. displease

14. cities

15. families

16. worried

17. angriest

18. paper

19. parent

20. prison

21. reread

22. peaceful

23. powerful

24. studied

25. earlier

26. happiest

27. visit

28. reason

29. never

30. tuna

Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Mr. King

Happy Birthday, Mr. King! Vocabulary
         1. example-a model of what something should be like
2.    boycott-a refusal to buy from a company
3.    segregation-keeping two groups of people apart
4.    stupendous-amazing
5.    dream-a hope for the future
6.    civil rights-referring to legal privileges that every American citizen is guaranteed
7.    preferred-liked one thing more than other things
8.    protest-to express strong feelings against something
9.    nourishing-giving the things needed for good health
10. fare-the money a person must pay to travel, as on a bus or subway
11. encounters-experiences with something
12. skit-a brief play
13. injustice-unfairness
14. celebration-a party in honor of someone or something
15. recall-remember something and tell people about it
16. assignment-homework
17. numerous-many
18. slip-a small piece of paper
19. capture-caught
20. assembly-big meeting

Monday, February 4, 2013


MUTA 4 Vocabulary

1. teeming: full, crowded
2. immense: huge, very large
3. attentively: with attention or alertness
4. patiently: waiting calmly without getting annoyed
5. troublesome: causing problems
6. misunderstanding: not understanding; mistake
7.fierce: wild and mean, dangerous
8. frantic: wild with fear or excitement
9. gentle: kind; not rough
10. character: symbol or letter used in printing
11. crest: something that grows on an animals head
12. disappointed: feeling like things don't turn out right
13. delighted: very pleased; happy
14. revolve: to turn around in a circle
15. blaring: making a loud, harsh noise
16. rewarding: worthwhile; satisfying
17. clutching: grabbing with hands or paws
18. glinting: a tiny, quick flash of light; to smile
19. nervously: fearfully; uneasily
20. broadly: wide


Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28th. 2013

Sing to the Stars Vocabulary

1. studio: artist workroom
2. amplifiers: devices that make sounds stronger or louder
3. yanked: pulled hard
4. blaring: making a loud, harsh noise
5. glorious: wonderful
6. classical: relating to a musical style from 18th centrury Europe
7. schedule: timeline or time table
8. debut: a first performance in public
9. feast: large meal
10. jazz: a style of music with a strong pattern of beats
11. concerned: worried
12. murmur: a low, constant sound
13. model: small copy
14. rhythm: movement or beats that repeat in a regular pattern
15. ruined: destroyed
16.strides: walks with long steps
17. streak: to move quickly
18. sprightly: lively
19.smeared: messy or blurred
20. stammers: speaks with pauses and repeats words

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Last Dragon

The Last Dragon Vocabulary

1. lapped: moved gently against
2. teeming: full, crowded
3. crisp: dry and cool
4. characters: symbols or letters used in printing
5. lure: attraction
6. snaked: moved in a winding and twisting way
7. miniature: very small, tiny
8. severed: cut off from the whole
9. especially: mainly, particularly
10. crest: something, such as feathers, that grows on an animal's head
11. haze: a mist in the air
12. alien: unfamiliar, foreign
13. jealous: want what someone else has
14: scales: small, thin, flat parts that cover a fish or reptile
15. gigantic: huge, enormous
16. fierce: wild and mean, dangerous
17. deliberately: done on purpose
18. scraggly: shabby or torn
19. vanished: disappeared
20. homage: special public honor

Monday, January 14, 2013

Week of January 14, 2013

Marven of the Great North Woods Vocabulary

1. symbol: an object that stands for something else
2. woodsman: a person who works with or lives in a forest
3. reward: to give a person something they have earned
4. bunkhouse: a building in a camp where a group of people sleep
5. ceremony: a special event celebrating something
6. timber: trees that an be used as building wood
7. disobey: not do what you are told
8. cords: measures for stacks of cut wood
9. patiently: waiting calmly, without getting annoyed
10. snowshoes: frames attached to shoes and used for walking across snow
11. foster: cared for by an adult for a period of time
12. immense: huge, very large
13. confesses: admits something is true
14. lumberjack: people who chop down trees and haul the wood to a sawmill
15. performs: acts
16. landscape: a stretch of land
17. graduate: to finish school or training
18. glowered: looked annoyed
19. confidence: feeling sure about abilities
20. fragrance: a sweet or pleasant odor

We will have our Chapter 16 math test on Tuesday, starting fractions on Wednesday. New paragraph homework will be coming home tonight.

Friday, December 7, 2012

My Name is Maria Isabel Vocabukary

My Name is Maria Isabel Vocabulary

1. consisted-were made up of

2. troublesome-causing problems

3. positive-sure

4. nervously-with concern, worry, or fear

5. peculiar-strange

6. misunderstanding-a failure to understand

7. mood-the way a person feels

8. disappointment-feeling like things didn’t go the way you had hoped

9. talent-ability to do something well

10. attentively-with attention or alertness

11. advanced-having made progress

12. pageant-a play based on events in history

13. properly-correctly

14. revolved-to be centered around a particular thing

15. mention-say

16. volunteered-offered to help

17. comfort-make someone feel better

18. strumming-playing the strings lightly

19. intends-plans

20. manger-open box in a stable that holds food for animals

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Heat Wave Vocabulary

1. Affected: caused a change in

2. Transfer: moves from one place to another

3. Weather Vane: movable pointer that shows wind

4. Exchanges: gives one thing and gets another

5. Temperature: measure of hear or coldness

6. Chamber: a room

7. Horizon: line along which the Earth and Sky meet

8. Scarce: hard to find

9. Singe: to burn slightly

10. Reinforce: make stronger

11. Miscalculated: figured incorrectly

12. Obstacles: things in the way

13. Clump: a group of things close together

14. Storage: a place to keep supplies

15. Crinkled: wrinkled

16. Social: relating to the way people live together

17. Snagged: caught something sticking out

18. Excess: extra

19. Harvest: gathering in of crops

20. Transport: carry from one place to another

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hi Parents,

Since today started the 2nd trimester, the class has a fresh start and things need to go a little differently.

We have had way too many missing assignments and papers without names. Homework and classwork is important and necessary for good grades and to enforce lessons learned during the day.

If your student did not bring homework I will be emailing you to let you know. I realize that things may get forgotten or left at home and missing assignments can go unnoticed until it is too late and I want to try to stop that.

I will also only be keeping papers without names for one week then they will be thrown away. Myself and Mrs. Jamero have talked to the class stressing the importance of putting their names on their papers. Please check their work to see they wrote it.

Progress reports and conference forms went out Friday, I need them back ASAP in case something needs to be changed. :)

Thank you so much for your support!

Miss Smiley

Friday, November 2, 2012

Week of November 5th, 2012

Happy Friday!

I wanted to get an early start on the week to let you know what will be going on the next few days.

We are going to be doing Theme 3, Story 2 for Language Arts and Spelling.

We are starting chapter 11 in math, which is 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication. The class is still having trouble with these math facts so practice whenever you can!

Our story is called Cendrillon and it is a version of Cinderella. The class is an awesome job on this weeks test and vocabulary so keep up the good work!!

Cendrillon Vocabulary
1     wealthy-rich
2.        proud-thinking too highly of oneself
               hideous-very ugly
4.       crossly-in a grumpy or grouchy way
5.       rescue-save from danger
6.      peasant-relating to a poor farm worker
7.      warrior-fighter
8.      elegant-marked by good taste; graceful
9.      refused-said “no” to
10. orphan-a child whose parents are dead
11. exploding-blowing up
12. godmother-a woman who acts like a child’s parent
13. immense-huge
14. hollow-false or meaningless
15. battle-part of a war
16. riddance-removal of something unwanted
17. invisible-unable to be seen
18. gilded-covered with a layer of gold
19. hired-given a job
20. chaperone-to go with a young woman when she is out in public with a young man

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Stranger Vocabulary

1. timid-easily frightened, shy

2. autumn-the season after summer
3. thermometer-an instrument that measures temperature
4. draft-a flow of air
5. peculiar-unusual, strange or odd
6. mercury-silvery, white metal used on thermometers
7. etched-made a design by cutting lines
8. frost-very thin covering of ice
9. apologize-say “sorry”
10. slimy-thick and slippery
11. fault-a mistake
12. genuine-honest, sincere
13. local-in a small area
14. proof-showing truth
15. borrow-used for a while
16. fainted-passed out
17. reference-used for information
18. insisted-demanded
19. jammed-to push suddenly or hard
20. fascinated-greatly interested

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sorry this is late in the week but we are MUTA testing this week so there is no spelling. All spelling words are review from the last four weeks. If your student had trouble with certain words, those are what you should be studying.

Next week we will be starting Theme 3 in Language Arts.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hi parents!

This is going to be a fast week, it is the last week before fall break and remember Friday October 12th is a minimum day. We will get out of school at 12:10 so please plan accordingly. 
Please make sure your student is completing and turning in their homework. There are a large number of missing assignments and we are trying to go for 100% homework return. There are also a lot of papers without names so if your student is missing assignments they are welcome to go through the no name papers during recess. 

I moved their Chapter 8 test to Tuesday because variables are a tough concept and wanted to make sure the class had a firm grasp on the concepts. 

Math Homework this week will be:
Monday: Ch. 8 Lesson 4 page 73-74
Tuesday: Mixed review page
Wednesday: Ch 9 Lesson 1
Thursday: Ch 9 Lesson 2

Language Arts Story is called A Very Important Day  
Allegiance: loyalty to one's country or a person
Chamber: a meeting room used by lawmakers
Citizens: official members of a country
Citizenship: the status of a citizen with accompanying rights, duties, and privileges
Enrich: to improve the quality of
Examiner: an official who inspects or asks questions
Oath: a pledge or promise to act a certain way
Petitioners: people who ask for something in writing

Let's have a great week before break! 
Miss Smiley

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Week of October 1, 2012

Good Morning!
Thank you for being patient while I try to get everything set and taking over for Mrs. Day. There are some announcements: We will be having Heart Lab come to school on Thursday from 830-11:00 in the cafeteria, please make sure the students are dressed in clothing appropriate for crawling, jumping, etc.

Read for 15 minutes, do a 5 sentence summary and a 1 min fluency, called Bones, Bones, Bones
Math page 69-70, working on Variables
Spelling: 3 times each

Spelling Words

1. gear
2. spear
3. sharp
4. stare
5. alarm
6. cheer
7. square
8. hairy
9. heart
10. weird
11. starve
12. charm
13. beard
14. hardly
15. spare
16. stairs
17. year
18. charge
19. dairy
20. scarce
Challenge Words
21. pioneer
22. awareness
23. startle
24. marvel
25. weary

Story this week is Boss of the Plains

Boss of the Plains Vocabulary

1. adventurers-travelers in search of unusual or exciting experiences
2. angles-ways of looking at things
3. determined-sticking to a purpose
4. target-a goal
5. critics-judges of art, movies
6. frontier-unexplored land
7. focus-concentrated on one thing
8. pelts-the skins of animals with hair or fur still on it
9. generated-produced
10. gear-equipment used for a specific activity
11. entertaining-enjoyable
12. wranglers-cowboys
13. promote-help to grow, improve
14. opportunity-a good chance
15. jolts-shakes
16. tanned-changed animal hide into leather by soaking in chemicals
17. advertise-give information to sell something
18. pioneers-people who travel to a little known area and make it home
19. thrilling-exciting
20. settlers-people who are the first to settle in a region

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Week of September 17th

Important Reminders: Please make sure your child writes their name on all homework pages, turns in the paper they work out their math homework on, and numbers their papers for spelling.  I do not accept late homework! Please remember these important reminders on homework and tests: Homework is due DAILY.  Math and spelling assignments should come back to school the next day.  Fluency and summaries are ALL due on Fridays.  Summaries are paragraphs that include important things from their story. They must not include opinions, such as I love this book. There is a Chapter 6 Test next Monday in math! Please go over the chapter with your child. Students take a vocabulary quiz once a week. There are 20 words and they must know their definitions. I recommend that the students take home their vocabulary notebooks nightly to study for their quiz. If they study 5 words a night, they should be okay. This week's story is Tomas and the Library Lady. Spelling words are listed in the Theme 2 link under Spelling Lists. Here are the vocabulary words:

***My last day will be this Friday.  Miss Geist will be our substitute until I return.***

Tomas and the Library Lady Vocabulary
1.     exhausted-tired
2.     bond-close relationship
3.     charged-ran forward
4.     chief-most important
5.     companion-person to spend time with
6.     suffered-felt pain
7.     affection-fondness
8.     borrow-to get temporary use of
9.     check out-to withdraw an item, as a book in a library
10.                         eager-excited, enthusiastic
11.                         glaring-looking at angrily
12.                         lap-to lick up or slurp
13.                         storyteller-a person who tells stories
14.                         enclosure-fenced in area
15.                         inseparable-very close
16.                         intruder-someone who does not belong
17.                         strict-harsh, closely enforced
18.                         pew-church bench
19.                         papyrus-a type of paper made from a plant many years ago
20.                         cataloging-a list of items in some order

Here is the homework for the week:

Monday:  Do a fluency read for one minute aloud with an adult, read from a book of your choice for 15 minutes then write a 5 (or more if you choose) sentence summary about what you read, do 25 spelling words with rainbow colors, and complete the math page for Chapter 6 Lesson 1.

Tuesday: Do a fluency read for one minute aloud with an adult, read from a book of your choice for 15 minutes then write a 5 (or more if you choose) sentence summary about what you read, ,write 25 spelling words 3 times each, and complete the math page for Chapter 6 Lesson 2.

Wednesday: Do a fluency read for one minute aloud with an adult, read from a book of your choice for 15 minutes then write a 5 (or more if you choose) sentence summary about what you read, , write 25 spelling words in ABC order and complete the math page for Chapter 6 Lesson 3.

Thursday: Do a fluency read for one minute aloud with an adult, read from a book of your choice for 15 minutes then write a 5 (or more if you choose) sentence summary about what you read, complete the math page for Chapter 6 Lesson 4 and study for the vocabulary, spelling, and math tests tomorrow!

*Papers that should be turned in on Friday are: all reading log pages, the fluency paper, and the homework from Thursday night.